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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”                                                               Benjamin Franklin

We bring to you courses on Indian and International insurance market practices based on your unique learning needs, interests, and professional requirements. We have partnered with internationally reputed institutions like The Institutes® USA and Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) London to bring the best insurance courses to you without any hassle.

Our Partners

Our trusted educational partners from around the world help us bring the best to you!

Chartered Insurance Institute, London
A Professional body dedicated to building public trust in the insurance and financial planning profession
The Institutes® (American Institute of CPCU)
Providing educational support, resources and leading research to help those in risk management and insurance.
                 Bodhami                     The Future of Learning
An online education platform which provides personalized learning experience for an individual.

Industry's best courses offered at a very affordable cost!

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About Us

BimaSchool - the perfect place for all insurance learning needs! BimaSchool is an insurance education platform that offers you practical insurance education solutions and online insurance training for your career progression and growth. 

BimaSchool: Your Trusted Insurance Education Partner!

BimaSchool is an initiative in the insurance and financial education field that provides organisations, insurance professionals, students, and others interested in learning insurance with practice-oriented courses. Our team of professionals consists of highly qualified and experienced teachers who are committed to bringing value to every insurance professionals career. We ensure that every participant achieves full potential in their education and professional's career.

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We continue to service insurance professionals to help them reach newer heights in their professional and career growth

1000+ hours of content successfullly delivered 


BimaSchool has delivered  more than 1000 hours of online content in less than an year of its launch. The courses were highly appreciated by the candidates as they met their current and future learning and development needs. The aim of the courses is to provide high quality content to the insurance professionals that help them in career advancement and professional growth.

BimaSchool Joins hands with CII London


BimaSchool is pleased to join hands with the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), London. With this partnership 🤝 BimaSchool members get access to the support and guidance on all courses offered by CII. Also, members get special discounts over and above the regular price on all courses.

Our mentors who are guiding us on the right path 


BimaSchool mentor board includes Shrirang Samant, ex- CEO HDFC Chubb, Rob Galbraith, writer of bestseller 'End of Insurance' & popularly called "the most interesting man in insurance",  Rajni Varia,  ex- manging director of Zep Re, Hari Radhakrishnan, a veteran insurance professional with 3 decades of experience & Anupam Suri, an exceptional trainer. 

🔔Are you looking to gain more skills and expertise in insurance and want to explore which courses are best for you? 

BimaSchool is here to help!

Know about the areas where BimaSchool can help, our most popular courses and why continuing insurance education is important for you!


Areas where we can help!

We follow a service-oriented approach in delivering the insurance programs and the training courses. Our highly qualified trainers have extensive knowledge in all aspects of the insurance domain and can design customized solutions for your specific organizational needs. We offer you practical insurance education solutions and online insurance training for your career progression and growth.  Apart from that we also offer coaching through face to face class room sessions and remote sessions through video conferencing. 


Our most popular courses

Start today with some of the high demand insurance courses. Some of our most popular couses include: 'US P&C Insurance Fundamentals for New Joiners', 'Certificate on Emerging Technologies',  'Personal & Commercial Lines Overview for BPO Employees', 'Cyber Risk Fundamentals, 'London market insurance essentials' and 'Award in General Insurance'. Besides we also offer 'Preparatory Courses for INS/CPCU' offered by The Institutes®. Click on the learn more link below to view the complete list of our most popular courses. 


Why insurance education?

Most of the professional qualifications today require the designees to continually remain updated on the recent trends in the industry. This helps the professionals to serve their customers better and do their job well. Apparently, the insurance industry was a laggard in realizing this need for continuing education. However, with newer emerging risks and the ever-changing technology landscape, like any other profession, the insurance professional also needs to remain up to date on his knowledge like never before. 

📌Need of continuous learning!

Learn from home or opt for classroom sessions to master new insurance and technology skills. With us it is possible!

  • Increase your value as an employee by demonstrating a commitment to learning.
  • Upskill continuously to achieve your professional goals.
  • Remain up-to-date on today's changing world of ever-emerging technologies
  • Inspire your colleagues by making a difference through continuous learning.
  • Develop leadership talent by staying on top of the game.

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Please write to us at the email below in case you need more information.                                            BimaSchool is an insurance education platform that offers practical insurance education solutions and online insurance training for your career progression and sprogrowth. 

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