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BimaSchool : areas where we can help!

BimaSchool online insurance training platform offers you practical insurance education solutions and online insurance training for your career progression and growth. We follow a service-oriented approach in delivering the training courses. Our Trainers have extensive knowledge in all aspects of the insurance domain and can design customized solutions for specific organization needs.

  • Preparatory course for insurance certifications like INS, CPCU, CII, and Industry certifications like CBAP, CCBA, CSBA, PMP, etc.

  • Line of Business specific trainings at beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels.¬†

  • Induction training on Insurance Fundamental to Junior staff and the New Joiners.

  • Insurance Domain and Software Products specific training for IT and BPO companies.

  • Custom insurance courses on Insurance Underwriting, Risk Management, Claims, Emerging technologies, etc.

Need of continuous learning!

Learn from home or opt for classroom sessions to master new insurance and technology skills. With us it is possible!

    Increase your value as an employee by demonstrating a commitment to learning.

    Upskill continuously to achieve your professional goals.

    Remain up-to-date on today's changing world of ever-emerging technologies

    Inspire your colleagues by making a difference through continuous learning.

    Develop leadership talent by staying on top of the game.