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Top 5 Podcasts to follow as an Insurance Professional

In this ever-changing and fast-paced world, podcasts have emerged as a great way of learning topics that interest you and learn more about a profession or career. As an insurance professional, it’s very crucial to stay up to date on the latest trends in the industry. You would be surprised to know the no of podcasts available to serve just the insurance industry. So, we at BimaSchool have tried to compile a list of the five best podcasts to follow as an insurance professional for our followers! 

Why do we need Insurance Agents?

Insurance selling involves a personal touch. It is true that most of the younger generation people like to navigate through the web to get their insurance, but the ROPO strategy (Research Online Purchase Offline) remains popular. People may want to search for insurance information online, but when it comes to buying a coverage, they prefer interacting with a known Agent, who can answer their queries directly..............

5 Must-read books for Insurance Professionals!

In today's era, working in any given industry is challenging and requires one to be always on toes. Continuous learning is crucial for survival and growth. Insurance industry is no different, especially during this digital age; every aspect of the industry is fast-paced and dynamic. However, it is also essential to note that particular fundamental shall always stand the test of times. No matter how basic they are, people lose track of it in this new and confusing age. Hence, BimaSchool brings to you a list of five must-read books for Insurance professionals, which are to refresh you with both current and traditional industry trends. Here are 5 of the best books for insurance professionals.

Importance of Professional Insurance Education!

Most of the professional qualifications require the designees to continually remain up to date and updated on the most recent developments and trends in the industry. This helps the professionals to serve their customers better and do their job well. Here are some of the reasons how continuous learning can help you as an insurance professional. 

Five Ways to Effectively Tackle Insurance Fraud

Insurance Fraud is one of the top challenges that insurers are facing worldwide. While there are pricing pressures owing to slow economic environment, cutting back the Claims payout is one of the best means to increase efficiency and cut cost. From a strategic perspective also, carriers overall success to a large extent depends on the manner they treat their Claims function; for many insurers Claim processing efficiency is often their unique selling proposition. Reducing Claim leakages by effectively fighting against insurance Fraud and having a larger focus on recovery management can help insurers reduce their Claim cost. This article is an effort to highlight five key areas that should be considered when building an effective Fraud management strategy. Please read the full blog to know more.

Women👩 and Insurance Premium!

When it comes to driving, men are stereotypically believed to be safer drivers compared to women. At least, men themselves believe this, if not anyone else ☺️. However, the truth is that women drivers drive more safely than men drivers.

✒️Why i𝗻𝘃𝗲𝘀𝘁 𝗶𝗻 your professional education?

Most professionals perceive investment in professional education as an expense & not an investment. This blog highlights the important points on why investment is education is the best thing you can do for your career development and professional growth. Please read the full blog to know more.