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Most professionals perceive investment in professional education as an expense & not an investment. ✔️Most people look towards their employers to invest in professional education rather than investing their time & money. ✔️Most people fail to recognize that in current technological landscape constant reskilling & upskilling is a must. The technology is moving at a more rapid pace than ever before. ✔️People fail to recognize that they themselves are their most important asset. In the current competitive job market the importance of higher education is more than ever before. ✔️Continuous education should be an integeral part of professional life whether it is reading books 📕, taking courses, achieving certifications, attending conferences/ webinars etc. ✔️Higher education helps develop network and often gives chance to meet senior industry leaders which further helps in expanding network & improve leadership skills💡.  Pl. visit our website to get access to best insurance courses for your career progression & growth. BimaSchool has partnered with international institutes like The Institutes® and Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) London, to bring the best industry courses to you at a competitive price.