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Women👩 and Insurance Premium!

When it comes to driving, men are stereotypically believed to be safer drivers compared to women. At least, men themselves believe this, if not anyone else ☺️. However, the truth is that women drivers drive more safely than men drivers. When it comes to motor insurance 🚗 gender plays an important role in determining the insurance premium. The insurance premium is based on your likelihood of meeting a loss or damage, and in many regions, women drivers pay far less premium compared to men. This is partly because women drivers are less like to be involved in risky driving behaviour and even if they do meet an accident, in many cases, comparatively, it tends to be a smaller accident in terms of the damages/claim amount  involved.   Is this the time for insurers in India to discriminate premium motor insurance premium based on gender 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 ?   Or do you know any carrier in India already doing it?   Or you think gender discrimination is not required in determination of insurance premium? ✨Looking forward to your comments, opinions, thoughts! 💡.