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5 Must-read books for Insurance Professionals!

In today's era, working in any given industry is challenging and requires one to be always on toes. Continuous learning is crucial for survival and growth. Insurance industry is no different, especially during this digital age; every aspect of the industry is fast-paced and dynamic. However, it is also essential to note that particular fundamental shall always stand the test of times. No matter how basic they are, people lose track of it in this new and confusing age. Hence, BimaSchool brings to you a list of five must-read books for Insurance professionals, which are to refresh you with both current and traditional industry trends. Here are 5 of the best books for insurance professionals.


This one is a one book serving all, whether you are a student, a professional within the industry or outside, an insurance purchaser, or anyone intrigued about the industry. The book takes you through the author's first-hand experiences in his roles as insurance company adjuster, underwriter, marketing representative, risk manager, and expert witness over a period of thirty years. The book gives you a deeper view of the various unlooked nitty-gritty of the insurance business, guiding you in your role along the way.

2. The End of Insurance As We Know It – Rob Galbraith

Written by Rob Galbraith, who also happens to be a mentor at BimaSchool. This book takes a comprehensive approach to the traditional Insurance Industry. It discusses the new age technological factors that can majorly impact the industry. It is a must-read for every insurance professional, whether you are seasoned or a new entrant. As a matter of fact, it can serve well to entrepreneurs and investors who are keen to learn more about this industry; it covers the basics and highlights key terms and trends of this industry. 


If you want to dream bigger as an agent and realise those dreams, Bart's book is must-read. It is a quick read, with ten key steps to follow to get those results. The wisdom shared by this author must not be missed, especially if you feel your business is in the stagnation phase. Various readers of this book have gained the precise knowledge that led to their business's growth eventually.

4. Talking to Strangers: The Adventures of a Life Insurance Salesman - Peter Rosengard

Taking you through the various adventures of Peter's life as an insurance salesman, which includes selling the world's biggest life insurance policy at $100 million. Yes, you read that correct; the achievement is still celebrated in the Guinness book of records. Peter's chutzpah, charm & thoughtful attitude to him to places, a must-read for sure! This book is literally a testament that nothing is impossible.

5. The INSURTECH Book 

The book is an exciting amalgamation of different point of views from a wide range of industry experts and contributors. Reading this book can bring in a holistic experience regarding current trends in the industry during the digital revolution. If you are an insurance enthusiast, this book is to go for. It will serve as an appreciating asset to you with guidance on innovation, disruption and opportunities that technology brings to the table for this industry.


We hope you pick a book or two after going through this article; let us know which one you chose first to read. Also, do share your reviews on these books with us! About BimaSchool : BimaSchool is an insurance education platform that offers you practical insurance education solutions and online insurance training for your career progression and growth.  Write to us at to know more.